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Center for Academic Programs (Student Support Services)

Student Support Services (SSS) is one of four programs housed at The Center for Academic Programs (CAP) at the University of Connecticut. The mission of SSS is to increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation of low income and/or first generation college students from the University. SSS provides individual and group counseling, peer advising, study abroad experiences, tutoring services and skill-building seminars and workshops. Our goal is to assist students as they adjust to campus life, meet their academic responsibilities and succeed at the University.

In late August an annual SSS Leadership Conference is provided for sophomores and campus change students to support their successful transition. Students seeking more information about the office can contact:

Dr. Maria D. Martinez
Director, Center for Academic Programs
(860) 486-4040

Dr. Bidya Ranjeet
Director, Student Support Services
(860) 486-4040

Student Support Services is located in the Center for Undergraduate Education (CUE) Building, second floor, room 231. For more information about the Center for Academic Programs and Student Support Services, please visit our web-site.